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Mayan calender by Zoe Washburne of
« on: June 05, 2007, 20:42:44 PM »
This was taken from a fantastic site I frequent, its the most explanatory site I have ever come across and I think you might like it too.  Although it deals with conspiracy of the New World Order they have some crackin reports on many other things and some nice info on the Mayan Calander as you will see by this next thread...please give them a visit

by ZoeWashburne

As you may already know, according to the Mayan calendar, the world is scheduled to end at precisely 11:11 GMT on December 21, 2012.  Beyond that though, what exactly do you know about the Mayans, their famous calendar, and all of this apocalypse talk?

The Mayan’s were an ancient civilization that developed in the Yucatan (Mexico) around 2600 B.C.  During these early days of the Mayan civilization, they began developing what would ultimately become highly accurate methods of mathematics, astronomy, calendars, farming, and writing.  During the Mayan Classic period (300-900 A.D.), the Mayan’s were at their height of civilization.  They built enormous pyramids, developed sophisticated astronomical charts, invented the concept of the zero in mathematics, created words for such large numbers that today we don’t even have names for, developed a highly complicated alphabet, wrote detailed histories or their culture, and perfected the calendar to a precision that our own Gregorian calendar lacks.  Sometime between 800 and 900 A.D., the great civilization that was the Mayan people suddenly disappeared, seemingly without a trace.  Their cities were abandoned and all development ceased.  No one is sure if they were destroyed, dispersed, or just disappeared.  Unfortunately, most of the written records that the Mayan’s kept were destroyed in 1562 with the invasion of the Spanish, so any explanation for their disappearance that may have existed at one time was burned to ashes.  While some so-called Mayans still exist today, their highly developed civilization mysteriously and suddenly stopped moving forward as great mathematicians, builders, writers, and artists after 900 A.D.

Many people believe that the Mayans were so advanced that they developed the ability to travel through space or through time and decided to finally up and leave this planet or time period of their own volition due to other cultures continually trying to invade their own.  Pacal the Great ruled the Mayan civilization for much of the later part of 600 A.D. and commissioned many of the great classical works of architecture and art of the time.  Today, he is most famous for the image that was found on his tomb that is often referred to as the Maya Astronaut.  In the tomb carving, Pacal is seen in what many interpret as an ancient spaceship or time machine.  He is sitting it something that could be interpreted as a cockpit, his hands are turning instruments, his foot appears to be on a pedal, a tube is inserted into his nose as if he is receiving oxygen, and wisps of smoke or exhaust appear to be shooting from the bottom of the ship.

The Mayan people were obsessed with time, dates, and predicting the cycles of the seasons, planets, and the sun because they wanted to accurately be able to predict the development of their crops in order to survive.  Because of this, they perfected the accuracy of time to the point that they were only off by one day every 6000 years, which is exceedingly more accurate than our own Gregorian calendar.  The main calendar used by the Mayans was called the Tzolkin.  This calendar consisted of 260 days which used two different cyclic systems of 13 numbered days and 20 named days which corresponds to the 26,000 year cycle of the Pleiades constellation, the 260 day cycle of the human gestation period, and the 13 moons that exist in a solar year.  This calendar was able to predict individual day to day cycles as well as long ranging cycles far into the future.  This is where we get the predicted end date for all of time which ends on or around (depending on who you ask) the 21st of December 2012.  This is said to be the end of a 5,125 year galactic cycle where the earth, the sun, the galaxy, or the universe itself will either be destroy or will enter a new age of enlightenment, depending on whether you’re a pessimist or an optimist.  This is because the Mayan calendar’s start date was August 3,114 B.C. which was written as in Mayan.  The December 2012 date will once again return to the date, indicating that a new cycle will begin again
All the above work by  ZoeWashburne


Mayan calender by Zoe Washburne of
« on: June 05, 2007, 20:42:44 PM »

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Re: Mayan calender by Zoe Washburne of
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2009, 23:20:16 PM »
It seems the Mayans are getting a bit hacked off at the spin being put on 2012 by, mainly, Western Culture. It ain't the end of the world as portrayed in the doomsday scenarios of films and stories being put about. It is, in fact, the beginning of a new era, though one assumes the ride between will be a bit rough for most of us until the dust settles, anyway. Hey ho!
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Re: Mayan calender by Zoe Washburne of
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2009, 03:56:42 AM »
Ya never could be something completely devine..a revelation! I guess we will all have to ponder, wait and see. Gin rummy anyone??? hehehehehe
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Re: Mayan calender by Zoe Washburne of
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2009, 04:49:58 AM »
I went to see 2012 today. The special effects were great. That is all.

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Re: Mayan calender by Zoe Washburne of
« Reply #4 on: November 15, 2009, 04:52:38 AM »
I don't think it's the mayan who has time travel capability. They might have some sort of connection with a more advanced ET race.

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Re: Mayan calender by Zoe Washburne of
« Reply #5 on: November 15, 2009, 08:52:35 AM »
Awsome subject Carl Callemen is the ecpert on the subject and the recently decease sadly :( Ian Xel Lungold  based his studies with that man :) Very ggo eans eastily explaed in a fwe full length videos off this link here (longer than 20mins Video Search Using Ian Xel Lungold as the Searrch criteria),dur:l&fp=c9b605a4d378b06c

Another very cool bloke in this Erea is a guy calles Gregg Braden

Here are some full lenght searches on Gregg... You shold watch tem If tou have an interest as I have.... they are totally mind blowing ans well awsome :)

To explain onle tiny aspect of its immensity takes a lonf time to thise who think scientifically but The Science is it cannot be ignoreed Precessiopn id not just a fancy word , precession has ever existed

Gregg Braden Videos

Ya gotta love The Ancient Sciences, they subercede Modern Science in Maths alone lol (maths and Quanum ) not this discussion lol ... And I am NOT intereates in Scientifuca garbage not thwn I understand better stuff which require no calculators really rofl :))

Anyway You People see, StarFire Can come in here to chill... this is a form where I dnt make to much impact.... because Im not on an Alien Validation , it good this site is here though cant have enough info in forums can we?

In here ill settle for making some splashes ocasioinaly and do it with minimum ripple effect for you

But in my experience i always learn more from riding the Wave to id rather make a Splach with waves rofl// shut up star you nooob rofl
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Re: Mayan calender by Zoe Washburne of
« Reply #5 on: November 15, 2009, 08:52:35 AM »


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